Saturday, 18 February 2012

The Simple Thing to Understand

You haven’t got to understand any high standard of philosophy or jugglery of words, this or that. Simple thing. What is simple thing? God is great, everyone knows, and we are part and parcel of the great. So when we are combined with the great, we are also great. Just like your body, a small part of your body, a little finger or toe, that is also the same value of the whole body. But as soon as that small part or big part is separated from the body, it has no value. It has no value. This finger, a very small part of your body. If there is any pain, you spend thousands of dollars. You pay to the physician to cure the pain thousands of dollars, and when the physician says that “This finger has to be,” what is called, “dislocated or cut off, separated, otherwise the whole body will be infected,” so when this finger is cut off from your body, you don’t care for it. No more value. Just try to understand. A typewriting machine, a small screw, when it is missing, your machine is not working nicely, you go to a repairing shop. He charges ten dollars. You pay immediately. That little screw, when it is out of that machine, it has not a value even one farthing. Similarly, we are all part and parcel of the Supreme. If we work with the Supreme, that means if we work in Krsna consciousness or God consciousness, that “I am part and parcel…” Just like this finger is working fully in consciousness of my body. Whenever there is little pain I can feel. Similarly, if you dovetail yourself in Krsna consciousness, you are living in your normal condition, your life is successful. And as soon as you are separated from Krsna consciousness, the whole trouble is there.
>>> Ref. VedaBase => Lecture — Seattle, October 2, 1968

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