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Try to Satisfy Krishna

We expect some benediction or some profit from the friend and enemy means we expect some harmful activities by the enemy. But Krsna is so perfect that nobody can do any harm to Krsna, neither anybody can give anything to Krsna. So where is the necessity of friend and enemy? There is no necessity. Therefore it is stated here: na yasya kascid dayito 'sti. He doesn't require anyone's favor. He's complete. I may be very poor man. I expect some friend's favor, somebody's favor. But that is my expectation because I am perfect. I am not full. I am deficient in so many ways. So I am in needy always. Therefore I want to create some friend, and similarly I hate the enemy. So Krsna, His being the Supreme nobody can do any harm to Krsna, nobody can give anything to Krsna. So why we are offering Krsna so much comforts? We are dressing Krsna, we are decorating Krsna, we are giving nice food to Krsna.

So the idea is... Try to understand this fact. Krsna does not require your nice dress or nice flower or nice food. Krsna does not require. But if you give Him, then you become benefited. It is Krsna's favor that He's accepting. The example is given: Just like if you decorate the original person the reflection of the person in the mirror, it also appears decorated. So we are reflections. In the Bible also it is said that man is made after the image of God. So our, as Krsna is transcendental, we... He has got two hands, two legs, one head. So man is made after God means we are reflections of the image of God. Not that we manufacture, imagine some form according to our form. That is mistake.

The Mayavadi philosophy is like that. It is called anthropomorphism. They say that: "Because the... The Absolute Truth is imperson, but because we are persons, we imagine that Absolute Truth also person." Just the opposite. Actually that is not the fact. We have got this personal form as reflection of God. So in the reflection, if the original person is benefited, the reflection is also benefited. That is the philosophy. The reflection is also benefited.

So if you decorate Krsna, so you become decorated. If you satisfy Krsna, then you become satisfied. If you offer nice foodstuff Krsna, then you eat them. Perhaps those who are outside the temple, they have never imagined such nice foodstuff. But because it is being offered to Krsna, we have got the opportunity to take it. This is the philosophy. So you try to satisfy Krsna in all respects. Then you'll be satisfied in all respects. This is...

Krsna does not require your service. But He kindly accepts. Sarva-dharman parityajya mam ekam saranam vraja [Bg. 18.66]. Krsna is asking you that: "You surrender unto Me." It does not mean that Krsna is lacking one servant, and if you surrender then He'll be profited. Krsna can create millions of servants by His only desires. So that is no point. But if you surrender to Krsna, you becomes saved. You become saved. That is your business.

Krsna says: aham tvam sarva-papebhyo moksayisyami. You are suffering here. Just like without any shelter. You see so many people loiter in the street, no aim, no life. We go in the beach side. We see so many boys and girls, without an aim, loitering, do not know what to do, all confused. So... But if you take shelter of Krsna, then you'll know: Oh, I have got now shelter." There is no more confusions. There is no more hopelessness. You can understand it very well. And I receive so many letters daily, how they are hopeful in Krsna consciousness.

So Krsna has come here, has descended, to collect some servant, that is not the fact. If we agree... Instead of becoming Krsna's servant, we are servant of so many things. We are servant of our senses, and sense activities. Kama, krodha, lobha, moha. Actually the whole world is serving the senses, servant of the senses. Godasa. But if we engage the senses in the service of Krsna, then we shall no longer remain the servant of the senses. We shall be the master of the senses. Because we, we, we shall not allow our senses to be engaged otherwise. That strength we shall get. Then we shall be safe.

Ref. VedaBase => Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.8.29 -- Los Angeles, April 21, 1973

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