Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Everything comes from Chanting!

While chanting very prayerfully, one's motivation and intensity of desire to please Krishna increases. One of the specific ways in which our desire to please Krishna intensifies is to desire to present ourselves before Krishna with finer qualities, and fewer faults, flaws, shortcomings, etc. With this purpose in mind, we naturally begin to endeavor to obtain these better qualities, motivated NOT by something material hankering (for respect, accetance by others, praise, gaining a sense of self-accomplishment, etc), but ONLY to increase the happiness Krishna receives when we come before Him to offer Him our services. Only by His bestowing His mercy, however, not by our efforts alone, the desirable good qualities develop to enhance the pleasure of Krishna. Thus, one is not chanting while separately in pursuit good qualities. In fact, everything comes from chanting!

- HH Romapada Swami

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