Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Have we really advanced?

Science is considered to be very advanced in knowledge, but these advancements have only been in the areas of eating, sleeping, mating, and defending, which the animals are also doing very nicely, in fact, in some cases, much more efficiently than humans. The level of sophistication may be different but the activity is same. An animal feeds on grass or whatever is available naturally and we eat on plates with forks and knives that require big manufacturing plants and factories which pollute our atmosphere in all kinds of ways. Birds build nests and we build skyscrapers that are highly susceptible to damage in the event of natural calamities. Animals have their teeth and calves to defend themselves and we invent atomic bombs to indiscriminately kill in thousands. Animals have sex on the street and humans do it in their specially designed rooms. Scientists have invented chemicals to check pregnancy and people are using it to increase their sex life.

You may feel I am being overly skeptical after all science has managed to explore outer space, landing on Moon and now we are planning to go to Mars. But what is the benefit? Even if we go to Moon or Mars what will we do there? There also we’ll eat, sleep, mate and defend. There will be nothing new in our basic activities. But we are spending billions of dollars on such childish expeditions while people on earth are starving to death. The only benefit we got by going to Moon was some dust and rocks which is abundantly available on earth.

There are many things we cannot do which animals can like birds can naturally fly in the air without making any noise but we cant. A horse or zebra when its born, it starts walking the day its born whereas humans take two years to just walk.

Human beings are undoubtedly more superior to animals but our superiority is not even being exercised. The differentiating factor is that we are gifted with rationality and intelligence to inquire into spirit, to inquire into our existence beyond matter, and our relationship with God, which animals cannot do. Therefore it is a colossal waste of human energy if used only for catering to primal needs, which the animals are doing without grandiose arrangements.

Source: www.theisticscience.wordpress.com

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