Saturday, 25 February 2012

HH Radhanath Swami on Superficial Living

How many friends do you have who can honestly, sincerely, confidentially reveal their minds to you? Not many. People in this world have a tendency for very superficial relationships with one another because it is a superficial society. The natural surroundings that bring about a natural lifestyle are so hard to find. We are living in a society of concrete, oil and plastic and exhaust fumes, and so much quarrelling for unnecessary paraphernalia and sense enjoyment. Where do you find natural water? You have to buy it in a bottle, imported from 100 miles away. Where do you find natural air? The basic ingredients of our life - natural air and water - they are nowhere to be found. We have to go great distances just to breathe properly. And, of course, we are a product of our environment, we become like what we associate with. Therefore we become very artificial, very superficial, very unnatural. And therefore our relationships with one another are of the same quality, unfortunately. In these circumstances, how wonderful it is that God reveals His mind to us in the scriptures, and that He loves each one of His children intimately!

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