Wednesday, 15 February 2012

One Step Towards Krishna

What happens when you make a step towards Krishna?

He makes one hundred steps towards you. It’s true! And when you feel Krishna is making a hundred steps towards you …”OOOOOO Krishna! Let me make another step towards You.” Then Krishna makes another hundred steps towards you.”OOOOOO Krishna!” Like that it continues. You are not alone. If you are alone, it’s very lonely; it is not encouraging. “I cannot make it on myown.” You cannot make it on your own, but with Krishna’s help it is possible.He is the swift deliverer . You are not alone. This is yoga, linking with Krishna. Even if you just make a gesture that you want to make a step towards Krishna, Krishna will help you.

That is self improvement. On the other end is self acceptance. Don’t feel bad that you are way down here and the goal is way upthere. “That’s my condition. Now, I trust Krishna. I trust the goal. I know that Krishna loves me. My heart is so hard that I may not feel that love that Krishna feels for me. I know that. In my heart of hearts I trust that. So let me take one step towards Krishna.”

That is bhakti; that is what our practice of devotion is. It is not just the do’s and the don’ts. It is not just the behaviors. It is trusting in Krishna and giving our heart to Krishna. There is so much we are holding back, because our trust isn’t that great. Yet whatever little bit we give, Krishna accepts that and reciprocates.

- HH Romapada Swami

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