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Glories of Lord Nityananda

Nityananda Trayodashi in 2012 is observed on February 05

Some verses from Caitanya Caritamrita

“May Sri Nityananda Rama be the object of my constant remembrance. Sankarsana, Sesa Naga and the Visnus who lie on the Karana Ocean, Garbha Ocean and Ocean of Milk are His plenary portions and the portions of His plenary portions.” (C.C.Adi 1.7)

“I surrender unto the lotus feet of Sri Nityananda Rama, who is known as Sankarsana in the midst of the catur-vyuha [consisting of Vasudeva, Sankarsana, Pradyumna and Aniruddha]. He possesses full opulences and resides in Vaikunthaloka, far beyond the material creation.” (C.C.Adi 1.8)

“I offer my full obeisances unto the feet of Sri Nityananda Rama, whose partial representation called Karanadakasayi Visnu, lying on the Karana Ocean, is the original Purusa, the master of the illusory energy, and the shelter of all the universes.” (C.C.Adi 1.9)

“I offer my full obeisances unto the feet of Sri Nityananda Rama, a partial part of whom is Garbhodakasayi Visnu. From the navel of Garbhodakasayi Visnu sprouts the lotus that is the birthplace of Brahma, the engineer of the universe. The stem of that lotus is the
resting place of the multitude of planets.” (C.C.Adi 1.10)

“I offer my respectful obeisances unto the feet of Sri Nityananda Rama, whose secondary part is the Visnu lying in the Ocean of Milk. That Ksirodakasayi Visnu is the Supersoul of all living entities and the maintainer of all the universes. Sesa Naga is His further subpart” (C.C.Adi 1.11)
For two purposes to spread the cult of bhakti and to defeat and sub-due the atheists Lord Nityananda, the most dedicated devotee of the Lord, moved throughout the country. (Cc. Antya 3.149)

These two brothers (Gaura and Nitai) are like one body; they are identical manifestations. If you do not believe in Lord Nityananda, you will fall down. If you have faith in one, but disrespect the other, your logic is like the logic of accepting half a hen. (Cc. Adi 5.175,176)
Glories of Nityananda Prabhu from Chaitanya Bhagavat
Devotees understand that Lord Nityananda is Balarama Himself — the first expansion of Krsna.

Vrindavan das Thakur, author of Caitanya Bhagavat prays, “I offer my respectful obeisances unto Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu and Sri Nityananda Prabhu, whose long arms extend to Their knees. They have splendid golden complexions, and They inaugurated the congregational chanting of The Holy Names of the Lord. Their eyes resemble the petals of lotus flowers. They are the maintainers of all the worlds, the best of the brahmanas, the protectors of religious principles for this age. They bring happiness to the people of the world, and are the most merciful incarnations.”

One who would cross over the ocean of material existence and swim in the bhakti ocean should worship the lotus feet of Nityananda. (Cb. Adi 1.77)

Lord Caitanya's first and foremost devotee is Nityananda Raya. The glories of Lord Caitanya are always on his tongue. Day and night Lord Nityananda speaks only of Lord Caitanya. Whoever worships Him is a real devotee of Sri Caitanya. (C.Bhag. Adi 9.217-218)

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