Thursday, 9 February 2012

Have you seen God?

People often forget that are many things in this world which we have not seen with our own eyes yet we believe in it. There are many phenomena which cannot be empirically explained but they do exist. For example, how many of us have seen man land on moon with our own eyes? Yet we believe in it because there are many photographs and video footages of the event. But given the advanced technology we have, it is quite possible to make things up to fool the people. Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic park is a good example of this. The cinematography was so marvelous that after watching the movie I was fully convinced that not only dinosaurs existed in the past, but also had the same gigantic and ferocious look, with such skin color, body structure, and roaring sound as was shown in the movie.

The point is there are many things we have not seen or experienced yet we have placed our full faith in it. Similarly believing in the existence of God is also a matter of faith, but it is not blind faith. It is realized faith gained through systematic training in spiritual science. Just as we know electrons exist through the effect it produces eventhough we have not seen them. Similarly we can know God exists by His wonderful creations all around us none of which we can possibly manufacture.

Faith is a very important aspect of our life. Practically in everything we do we have to place our faith and therefore it is an integral part of any strategy for acquiring knowledge. So if we really want to see God then we have to first place faith that He does exist.

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When we consider nature and think deeply about its working with an open mind, we realize there is so much organization. The whole place is so marvelously arranged and running under the jurisdiction of certain laws like rising and setting of Sun, appearances and disappearance of different seasons, rotation of earth, and other planets, on its orbit, the solar system, the water cycle and so on. Presence of such organization under certain laws implies there must be an organizer or a lawmaker. When we enter a classroom and notice all desks and chairs nicely arranged, do we conclude it all happened by chance? We know by instinct that someone has organized it.

Another aspect to consider is that nature fulfills all the necessities of various living entities in all shapes and sizes. The four primal necessities of every living entity, whether it is humans, beasts, or birds, are: eating, sleeping, mating, and defending. And all of these necessities are naturally provided in nature. In fact, we cannot manufacture anything that is necessary for our survival. All we can do is manipulate the matter in number of ways to suit our needs, but the raw materials have to be given by nature.

Many do appreciate the fact that nature is indeed remarkably working under certain laws, but they think it is automatic hence to think some divine force controls it is sentimental and unscientific. The use of word “automatic” in this context is somewhat misleading, as it does not indicate the absence of a controller, rather the absence of knowledge of the controller. If something is working automatically it simply means it does not require continuous inputs from the operator, but it does need an operator to activate the process by pushing some buttons. Same is the case with nature. The various magnificent phenomena occurring in nature are not just happening automatically; they are working under the expert, but remote, supervision of a divine controller. In Bhagavad-Gita 9.10 Lord Krishna says: This material nature is working under My direction.
Considering the arguments presented, to not realize the existence of a higher controller would be simply childish to say the least. It is like a small child who sees a toy car moving wonderfully here and there but concludes it is moving on its own. Out of ignorance he fails to realize the person remotely controlling the car.


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