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Glories of Vrindavan

Selected Verses By Prabhodananda Sarasvati

Offering Dandavats
Offering Dandavats

In Vrindavan the effulgent ground is fashioned with many very wonderful colorful cintamani jewels. The trees and vines are full of blissful spiritual fruits and flowers. Birds make a great tumult by reciting the hymns of the Sama Veda, and the lakes and streams are filled with transcendental nectar. 

May my heart meditate on Vrindavana in this way.

Vrindavan is illuminated by numberless moons of spiritual bliss. It is cooled by the sweet nectar of spiritual love, and it is filled with desire trees and many hosts of madly cooing birds. Whose heart will not run to Sri Sri Radha and Krishna, who enjoy eternal transcendental pastimes in that Vrindavan?
In this beginning-less world of repeated birth and death, how many times have you not suffered in hell and how many times have you not relished the pleasure that eclipses the happiness of Brahma, Indra and the other demigods? My friend, in this one body, do not consider happiness or distress but simply worship the supreme transcendental abode, Sri Vrindavan.

A person absorbed in the most wicked sordid deeds, who once bows down to offer respect to a blade of grass in Vrindavana, at once becomes a very pious person. At the end of his body, by the mercy of the Supreme Lord, who has all power to unshackle one from the bond of karma, he certainly attains the otherwise unattainable lotus feet of Lord Krishna.

Selected Verses by Visvanatha Cakravarti
Let me glorify Vrajabhumi, the place where Sri Krishna enjoyes transcendental pastimes. Simply by drinking with their ears the nectarian description of Brajabhumi, the liberated souls abandon the bliss of impersonal brahman and yearn to attain the land of Vraja.

With a pure heart, let me worship Vrajabhumi, which is the from of sweetness of meditaiton on Sri Krishna, which is eternal, transcendental, blissful, peerless, and which, although it cannot be understood by ordinary people, is easily understood by its residents.

Some portion of transcendental Vrindavan becomes visible in this world at the time of Lord Krishna's manifest pastimes. Conditioned souls think Vrindavan is material, although actually it is spiritual and beyond their ability to understand or describe it.

The peerless and supremely sweet land of Vrindavan is the blissful abode where the Supreme Personality of Godhead enjoys pastimes. It is the incarnation of the Lord's form and is non-different from Him.

Vrajavasi praying to the holy land of Vrindavan

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